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Area: 60218 km²
Population: 468.842 (1990)
Traffic Code: 59
The province of Tekirdağ is located at the northern shores of the Marmara Sea and is a major port of commerce. The sandy beaches lie at the both side of the province. The joyful mixture of sunflowers and the vineyards covers the entire medium.
The major architectural creation of the province is the Rüstem Paşa Mosque, which is a creation of Architect Sinan and was constructed by the Grand Vizier of Süleyman the Magnificent in 1554.
An extensive collection is exhibited in the Archeology and Ethnography Museum. The Rakoczy Museum is the house in which the Hungarian Prince II. Rakoczy Ferench whom had fought for the freedom of his nation had lived his last years. The Namık Kemal Monument (1840 - 1888) adorns the birth place of the poet.
The Şarköy and Mürefte holiday centers are famous with their delicious wines and they are located 60 km. west of the Tekirdağ province. This locality is covered with beautiful vineyards and also hosts an annual traditional wine festival.
Districts : Çerkezköy, Çorlu, Hayrabolu, Malkara, Marmara Ereğlisi, Muratlı, Saray and Şarköy.
 How to Get
Highway The international transit E - 84 and D - 100 Highways pass inside the borders of the province. The province had connections with major cities as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Telephone of the Bus Station: (+ 90 - 282) 261 77 48
Railway The railway lines leading to Europe pass inside the borders of the province. The electric train journeys are executed between the Çerkezköy District of the Province and Istanbul. Telephone of the Railway Station: (+ 90 - 282) 361 30 36
Naval Transportation It is possible to reach to the Marmara and Avşa Islands by sea and also there are Ro Ro journeys between the Akport Port and the Italian port of Trieste, two days a week. All the necessary services are given at the Martaş Port located in the Marmara Ereğlisi District located 39 km. away from the province. Telephone of the Naval Port: (+ 90 - 282 261 08 00)
Air Transportation The airport is located at the Çorlu district and charter flights are arranged to the Russia and Independent States Community. The airport has the international statute. The airport is located 37 km. away from the city center and the transportation is possible via the minibuses of Çorlu district. Telephone of the Airport: (+ 90 - 282) 682 40 34 (40 Lines)
 Where to Visit
Eski (Old) Mosque The mosque is located at the city center in the Ertuğrul Quarter. The mosque was constructed in 1830 by the Minister of Agriculture Ahmet Ağa.
Rüstem Paşa Mosque The mosque is located at the city center in the Ertuğrul Quarter on the Architect Sinan Avenue. The mosque was constructed in 1553 by Grand Vizier Damat Rüstem Paşa. The mosque is a creation of Architect Sinan. The mosque was restored in 1841 by Abdülmecit and a 5 pillar marble şadırvan (water tank with a fountain) had been constructed as an addition. The entrance gate is from ivory inlay work. The bathhouse and the theological school located to the east of the mosque lay in ruins. The library of the mosque had been restored in 1991. The 6 domed bedesten located to the west of the structure is still in use.
Şarköy Şarköy is 86 kilometers away from the city center and is the summer place for the city. The Şarköy district is covered with Olive Trees and green vineyards and the grapes and the wines of the district is famous countrywide.
Kumbağ Kumbağ is one of the major recreation and resting center of the province. There are numerous touristic installations, pensions and public beaches in the district. The recreation area located in the Forest area attracts both local and foreign tourists.
Atatürk Forest The Forest Recreation Area is located among the Tekirdağ - İstanbul highway, 7 km. away from the city center. The area is the daily promenade area of the Tekirdağ province.
Barbaros With its long beach lines and green vineyards, the district is the recreation and resting place of the province.
Camping TekirdağForest Camps
ÇamlıköyForest Camp
Location: Camlikoy beach, Saray, around 80km northeast of Tekirdag.
Facilities: Bathrooms, toilets, showers, food stand, water and electricity, cooking facilities, café and restaurant.
Open: 1 June-31 August
Tel: (0212) 262 0137-263 0040
The Tekirdağ shoreline encounters the effects of the Mediterranean climate; summer seasons are hot and the summer seasons are mild. At the inner land region behind the shore line containing the Ergene river basin the terrestrial climate is more dominant. The shoreline between Şarköy - Kumbağ districts display the characteristics of Mediterranean climate.
Tekirdağ was founded by Trak nation and later on the city has entered under the dominance of Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations.
 Where to Eat
The famous foods and drinks of the region could be counted as the cherry, fish varieties, shrimp, Tekirdağ meat balls, sunflower, grape and water melon, Tekirdağ rakı and Şarköy wines.
 What to Buy
The local souvenirs of the Tekirdağ region could be counted as Karacakılavuz and Sağlam Taşta hand crafted textile products as pileless carpets, saddlebags, gloves, prayer rugs and the factory made carpets in the Çerkezköy districts.
 Don't Leave Without
- Visiting the Tekirdağ and Rakoczy Museums and Namık Kemal House,
- Visiting and swimming at Şarköy and Kumbağ districts,
- Eating Tekirdağ meat balls,
- Buying Şarköy wine, Tekirdağ rakı,
- Buying Karacakılavuz hand crafted textile products
Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages in Tekirdağ
Archaeological Sites: 92
Urban Sites: 1
Natural Sites: 4
Historical Sites: 1
Other Sites
Archaeological and Natural Sites: 3
Total: 101 Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural Heritages: 493
TOTAL: 594
 Contact Information
National Parks And Forest Campsites
Çamlıköy Bahçeköy, Saray / Tekirdağ
Tel: (282) 262 01 37
Provincial Cultural Directorate
Tel: (282) 262 60 12 Fax: (282) 262 80 00
State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate Sarı Köşk TEKİRDAĞ
Tel: (282) 262 60 12
Fax: (282)262 80 00
Tekirdağ Museum - Detailed Information Address: Vali Konağı Cad. No: 21 - Tekirdağ
Tel: (282) 261 20 82
Governorship : (+90-282) 262 79 41
Municipality : (+90-282) 261 23 22 - 261 13 18
Hospital : (+90-282) 262 53 55 (4 Hat)
Police : (+90-282) 261 20 94
Gendarme : (+90-282) 261 43 46 - 261 88 28
Tourism Information Office : (+90-282) 261 16 98 - 261 20 83
Seaport : (+90-282) 261 08 00

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