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Area: 3.652 km²
Population: 107.330 (1990)
Traffic Code: 69
Bayburt is located on the historical Erzurum - Trabzon Silk Road that connects Eastern Anatolia Region to the Black Sea Region. Marco Polo and Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi had passed among this road. The city is founded among the banks of Çoruh river and the history of the city extends to year BC 3000.
Districts : Aydıntepe and Demirözü.
 How to Get
The only means of transportation is possible via highway. Telephone of The Bus Station: (+90 - 458) 211 28 60
 Where to Visit
Aydıntepe Underground City This ancient city is located in the Aydıntepe district of Bayburt. The city is composed of galleries carved in the rocks, chambers with pillars and more extensive areas, which are connected to these chambers. Only a small section of this underground city is open for visit. The discovered findings are exhibited at the Erzurum Archeological Museum.
Çiftetaş - II Hill This hill located at the Çiftetaş Village was assumed to be a natural formation but after the excavations executed between years 1993 - 1995 some ancient remains were found. These findings are exhibited at the Bayburt section of the Erzurum Archeological Museum.
BayburtCastle The castle was constructed on the steep rocks located at the Northern part of the city. The constructors of the castle are not certain. Before it was conquered by Turkish forces, it had been under the dominance of Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and Kommenos civilizations.
SaruhanCastleThe castle is located at the Saruhan village located at 35 km. distance from the city center.
Mausoleums The most important mausoleums of the city are Pulur (Gökçedere) Ferhat Bey Mosque, Sünür (Çayıryolu) Kutlu Bey Mosque, Dede Korkut Mausoleum.
Bayburt Plateaus
Kop Dağı Tourist Center- Kop Dağı Highland
Transportation: This mountain village is 40 km out on the Bayburt - Aşkale road and can be reached by inter-city buses. It is 84 km from the Erzurum airport.
Description: The 2918 m. Mt. Kop is used by winter sport enthusiasts. Because it serves as a ski center, it has excellent infrastructure. There is a 112-bed guest house which belongs to the Provincial Government. The Kop Martyr Memorial here commemorates the struggle of the local people against the Russians which lasted from March 2, 1916 to July 16, 1916.
Accommodation - Food and Drink: Because it is used as a ski center, it has excellent infrastructure with ample lodging and restaurants. You can also obtain basic supplies from the village of Kop 15 km from Mt. Kop.
Sultan Murat Highland
Transportation: Bayburt is 54 km northwest of Aydıntepe.
Description: Very popular with the local people, the Sultan Murat highland holds 3 festivals every year: the Sultan Murat Festival (June 23), the Martyrs Festival (August 20) and the Yayla Obası Festival (September 15). It has an excellent infrastructure and in the summer there is a restaurant, teahouse, small market, butcher and a bed and breakfast which serves visitors.
Accommodation - Food and Drink: You can stay in the bed and breakfast and all of your necessities can be obtained from the village.
Hunting The hunting sport in the city has developed in time and there is a hunting and marksmanship club in the city. Winter season is the most appropriate season for terrestrial hunting. Çoruh River and its branches are suitable for sweet water fishing.
Trekking The Kemer, Soğanlı, Haldizen, Kırklar, Köse, Coşan, Kop, Otlukbeli, Divanyolu and Sarıçiçek mountains surrounding the city have an average altitude of 2000 - 3000 meters and these mountains are suitable for horse rides and trekking activities.
Rafting The branches of Çoruh river, one is springing from the Mescit mountains and other is springing from Otlukbeli mountains unite at the vicinity of the Dikmetaş village in the borders of the province. Çoruh river is one of the most important rivers of Turkey with its high flowing rate and therefore is very suitable for water sports like rafting. The course starts from the Dikmetaş village and ends at the Aslandede village, as Çoruh river leaves the borders of the province. This course is the most suitable course for rafting and canoeing.
Ski Center The Kop Mountain was declared as "Tourism Center" and therefore the planning of the construction of " Kop Mountain Ski and Winter Sports Center" is executed and ended by Ministry of Tourism.
There is a dominant transition climate between Eastern Black Sea climate and Eastern Anatolian climate in Bayburt. Therefore, the summer season is hot and dry while the winter season is cold and precipitant.
The history of Bayburt extends up to the years of BC 3000. The city was founded by Azzi tribe. Bayburt had entered under the reign of Med, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Emevi, Saltuklu, Danışmend, Seljuk, Akkoyunlu, Safevi and Ottoman civilizations.
 Where to Eat
The general characteristics of the local Bayburt meal are that the majority of the meal varieties of flour and flour originated meals and meals with meats. The variety of these meals is more than vegetable and olive oil originated meals. Some f the local meal varieties are; tel helvası (String halva), tatlı çorba (sweet soup), galaçoş, ekşi lahana (sour cabbage), lor dolması (curd stuffed vegetables) and yalancı dolma (fake stuffed vegetable).
 What to Buy
The copper processing, pileless carpet and ehram weaving are important in Bayburt Especially, the produced pileless carpet patterns are original and genuine to Bayburt. In addition, the ehram weaving is peculiar to the region. The vests, table cloths, bed cloths, prayer rugs, curtains and ties weaved from ehram are very attractive.
 Don't Leave Without
- Seeing the doctor snakes in Kırkpınar Village if your visit to Bayburt is Between the dates 20 May - 5 June,
- Participating the "Dede Korkut Culture and Art Feast" if your visit to Bayburt is at the third week of July,
- Visiting the Vilayet (Province) Forest,
- Tasting the Kefenli kebab (shrouded kebab),
Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages in Bayburt
Archaeological Sites: 8
Urban Sites: -
Natural Sites: 2
Historical Sites: -
Total: 10
Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural
Heritages: 95
TOTAL: 105
 Contact Information
Provincial Cultural Directorate
Tel: (458) 211 60 27
Fax: (458) 211 74 90
Governorship : (+90-458) 211 32 32 - 211 20 80
Municipality : (+90-458) 211 67 57
Hospital : (+90-458) 211 91 91 - 211 91 92 - 211 91 93 - 211 91 94 - 211 91 95
Police : (+90-458) 211 44 10 - 211 44 11
Gendarme : (+90-458) 211 66 66
Provincial Directorate : (+90-458) 211 44 29 - 211 49 95
Tourism Information Office : (+90-458) 211 22 75

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