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Area: 14.292 km²
Population: 973.314 (1990)
Traffic Code: 10
Balıkesir has shores that clean sea water reach's the sanded beaches, and those shores surrounded by green olive trees. Ayvalık, Burhaniye, Ören, Edremit, Akçay and Altınoluk are attractive holiday place for whom want to rest in enjoyable environment or whom interested by archeological places.
Districts: Balıkesir (center), Ayvalık, Balya, Bandırma, Bigadiç, Burhaniye, Dursunbey, Edremit, Erdek, Gömeç, Gönen, Havran, İvrindi, Kepsut, Manyas, Marmara, Savaştepe, Sındırgı, Susurluk.
 How to Get
Roadway: Arrival by roadway opportunity is possible every places of Türkiye.
Coach station Tel : (+90-266) 241 11 99
Railway: Railway arrival is possible between the Ankara - Balıkesir, İzmir - Balıkesir and Balıkesir - Bandırma.
Train Station Tel : (+90-266) 713 60 89 - 715 30 50
Seaway: There are voyages between İstanbul and Bandırma by ferryboat and boat.
Airway: By the opening to service of Körfez Airport, arrival from İstanbul to Ayvalık, Burhaniye and Edremit counties is possible.
Airport Tel : (+90-266) 312 11 30
 Where to Visit
KuvayıMilliyeMuseum: is at the old town hole. Balıkesir is a frontier province for development of Kuvayı Milliye, written decisions of 41 vanguard representatives, 5 main decision of congress, private items of these heroes, their photographs, and some photographs of Atatürk which taken when he arrive Baklıkesir province. At the second floor archeological findings and ethnographic creations are exhibits.
Museum Tel : (+90-266) 243 31 81
Open days to visit : Everyday except Monday
Moreover there are Erdemit city museum and Erdek open air museum present at the Balıkesir province.
Zağnos Paşa Mosque: it is built as külliye by Zağnos Pasha whom the vizier and commander of Fatih Sultan Mehmet period at the year of 1461. Today only mosque and public bath survived. It is at the city center towards Hasanbaba Bazaar.
Yıldırım Mosque: bit is built by Yıldırım Beyazıt in the second half of 14th century.
Karesi Bey Tomb: it is at behind side of Pasha Mosque. Inside the tomb there are graves of Karesi Bey whom the founder of Karesi Governmental and his 5 son's.
Balikesir - KuscennetiNational Park
Location: Kuscenneti (Bird Paradise) is 20km southwest of Bandirma, and around 50km north of Balikesir, adjacent to Kus lake.
Transportation: The park can be reached via the Balikesir – Bandirma highway.
Highlights: At the end of winter the waters of Kus Lake rise, which cover the small willow grove and reed beds at the northwest of the lake. By spring, migrating birds fly from the southern regions to the national park and nest, so their young are hatching and growing in the area. At the end of summer, they return to the warmer south. This tiny area (64 hectares) is a popular migrating spot for birds from Europe and Asia, who fly here for the nourishment of the lake water, willow tree groves and reeds, making it a world-famous bird-watching location. There are 239 different species inhabiting the area during these months, with a total of three million birds.
A unique characteristic of the Kuscenneti National Park is its award of the Class A European Diploma from the European Council four times since 1976, because of its effective and successful protection for bird life. The best months for bird watching are between March and July, and September and October. There is a watchtower that gives a wide area of viewing.
Facilities: Detailed information about the birds, and the park in general, is provided in the museum and the administrative building inside the park. Scientific research here requires permission from the park directorate. There are no facilities for food or accommodation, but the nearest place is in the village of Sigirciatik, or else further in Bandirma.
Balikesir - Kazdagi (Ida) National Park
Location: The park is in the district of Edremit, in Balikesir province.
Transportation: The park can be reached via the 230 highway from Balikesir (92km), and the 24 highway from Bursa.
Highlights: Kaz Dagi, originally called Ida in ancient times, separates the Aegean and Marmara regions and is the highest in the Biga peninsula at 1774m. Places to visit include the valleys with their rich variety of flora and fauna; the mythological Ida Mountain which was said to be the venue of the first beauty contest; and the area of Sarikiz, in which the Sarikiz myth took place.
Facilities: In specially designated areas, is it possible to stay in tents or caravans.
Balıkesir - AyvalikIslandsNaturalPark
Location: The Ayvalık Islands Natural Park is within the borders of Balıkesir Province in Marmara Region.
Transportation: It is possible to reach to the Ayvalık Islands Ayvalık both by highway and maritime lines. It is possible to reach to the greatest of these islands named Alibey Island by overland route, after coming to the Ayvalık District of Balıkesir Province.
Highlights: Ayvalık Islands are geomorphologic structures which had been formed by the fall in of the peaks in the Aegean earthenware pot, as a result of the tectonic movements in the Pleistocene. After that event, the peaks were left over the sea and the islands formed. The extension of the old mountains played an important role in the distribution of the islands. This distribution and forming style had also effected the under - sea topography, and as a result of that rare landscape characteristics had been formed under the sea.
Because of the lythological structure of the islands, some islands have a very thin plant cover, and some have no.
The area have a recreational characteristic. In the year 1995, 17950 hectares of the area have been accepted as Natural Park, in order to make use of its potentiality, and to balance the usage - protection amount by taking the usage of the area under control.
Facililities: In the Natural Park, camping areas and areas for daily usage will be arranged. In the Şeytan Sofrası Locality, an orientation centre will be activated, and in Güneş Island a centre for water sports like scuba - diving, and under sea fishing will be established.
Balikesir - Gürgen Dagi Nature Reserve
Location: The park is between Zeytinli and Ortaoba, 124km from Balikesir and 35km from Edremit.
Transportation: Edremit is a good transport hub and is well connected to the rest of the country. The nearest airport is at Balikesir.
Highlights: The area is especially noted for the rare and endangered Ida Mountain fir tree, and the rich wildlife in the unique forest ecosystem. In addition to the fir, the 240 hectares also has larch and eastern beech trees, and the animals living here include deer, roe deer, pigs, bears, wolves and jackals.
City: Balıkesir
Provinces: Gönen, Manyas, Bandırma
Surface Area : 16000
Altitude: 18 m
Protection: Yes
Bird Species: Here küçük karabatak (150 pairs), tepeli pelikan (35 pairs), gece balıkçılı (150 pairs), alaca balıkçıl (100 pairs) and kaşıkçı (200 pairs) reproduce. While there are huge numbers of karabatak (max. 2650) during all year, tepeli pelikan (max. 117) and dil kuyruk (max. 34) can also be seen regularly during winter.
Main Characteristics: sweet water lake, alluvial forest
Watch Tower: it is at the city center, on the Anafartalar avenue adjacent to old Town hall. It was built by Governer of Silistre, Giridizade Mehmet Pasha, resembling to Galata Tower at the year of 1827. Destroyed at 1897 earthquake and restored by Mutasarrıf Ömer Ali bey, and take today's formation .
Nature Tracking
Alaçam Mountains: is at the east of province. Lie towards east to west. Highest hill is Tilki Hill with 1625 meter top.
Madra Mountains: split Aegean and Marmara seas from each other. This mountain is at the south west of province and lie towards north east. Highest hill is 1338 meter height.
Kaz Mountains: it is at the west of provinces borders and north of the Edremit Bay. Mountains name mentioned as İda in mythology and lie towards to west, height reach's to 1767 meter.
Çatal Mountain: Susurluk İlçesinin biraz doğusunda yükselen, iki büyük çıkıntısı olan bu dağ ilin doğusunda uzanmaktadır. Orhaneli dağ grubuna dahil olup, en yüksek tepesi 1336 metredir.
Kapıdağ: Bandırma ve Erdek Körfezi arasında teşekkül etmiş bir yarımadadır. 200 metreye kadar yükselmektedir. Çok sert ve denize kadar inen dimdik meyilli makilerle örtülü yamaçlardan oluşmuştur.
Diving sport : especially small bays at Ayvalık shore are suitable for diving in Balıkesir province.
According to rumour, the area around Ayvalik is the location of the lost city of Atlantis – but what is known is the unique diving options especially off Gunes Island, Yuvarlak Island and Kerbela Rocks. The most popular area is the waters off Kiz Island with fascinating underwater fauna from a depth of 19m.
Gönen Thermal Spring : those springs at Gönen county are very historic. Thermal spring operated at the times of Egyptians, Romans and Byzantine. Items about ancient thermal institutions that founded during the excavation processes in region are exhibits at Gönen open air museum.
Gönen Thermal Spring
Location: Next to Gonen Creek, near the town of Gonen, around 80km north west of Balikesir.
Water temperature: 52°C
pH value: 7.36
Physical and chemical properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, sulphur, chlorine, bicarbonate, sodium.
Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing
Helps to heal: Drinking - liver, gall bladder and kidney ailments. Bathing - rheumatism, infections of the large intestine, hardening of the arteries and neurological and vascular complications.
Accommodation: Yildiz Hotel - 381 beds. Dermal Hotel - 44 rooms. Park Hotel - 111 beds).
province is rich by the means of thermal springs. Gönen Thermal Spring is the most important thermal spring of Balıkesir. Pamukçu Thermal Spring, Gönen - Dağ Ilıcası (Ekşidere Gençlik Mineral water), Edremit - Güre Thermal Spring, Edremit - Derman Thermal Spring, Balya-Ilıca Thermal Spring, Bigadiç - Hisarköy Thermal Spring, Sındırgı - Hisaralan Thermal Spring, Sındırgı - Emendere Thermal Spring, Susurluk - Kepekler Thermal Spring, Susurluk - Acıca Mineral water, Manyas - Kızıkköy Thermal Spring and Gömeç-Karaağaç Thermal Spring other springs of province.
At province generally the Mediterranean climate is dominant, however characteristic properties of this climate seems only at shore of the Aegean sea. Insider territories are under the effect of terrestrial climate.
It is estimated that Balıkesir and surroundings are settlement place since Prehistoric Age BC. 3200. Pelasg's nation that coming from the Balkans are formed colonies at the years of BC. 2000. Balıkesir lived at the periods of Frig, Lydia, Persian, Macedonian, Bergama Kingdom, Rome and Byzantine.
After the Malazgirt battle (1071) Karesi Bey whom son of a Seljuklian governor Kalem Şah Bey, conquered and formed Karesi Governmental and make Balıkesir capitol but he accepted Ottoman Dominance. Balıkesir proclaimed to province at 1923. Province old name Karesi changed to Balıkesir at the year of 1926 .
 Where to Eat
Höşmerim cookies and Susurluk ayran (a drink with yogurt) are famous at province.
 What to Buy
Höşmerim cookie, cologne, Yağcı Bedir rugs are suggested original works to buy at shopping.
 Don't Leave Without
- Watching sinking sun at Şeytan Sofrasında günbatımı izlemeden,
- Swimming at beach of counties,
- Using Thermal springs
- Eating Höşmerim cookies, drinking Susurluk ayran
- Buying cologne and buying Yağcı Bedir rugs at Sındırgı
 Contact Information
Governorship : (+90-266) 239 67 04
Municipality : (+90-266) 243 04 00
Hospital : (+90-266) 245 96 26 - 8 Lines
Police : (+90-266) 243 32 64
Gendarme : (+90-266) 221 24 00 - 221 24 01 - 221 24 02
Provincial Directorate : (+90-266) 244 72 71 - 241 18 20
Ayvalık Tourism Information Office : (+90-266) 312 21 22
Edremit Tourism Information Office : (+90-266) 384 11 13
Erdek Tourism Information Office : (+90-266) 835 11 69
Burhaniye Tourism Information Office : (+90-266) 416 35 00
Ant Camping
Erdek / Bandırma
Tel: (266) 855 74 97
Kizikos Camping
Erdek / Bandırma
Tel: (266) 855 70 71
İpek Camping
Erdek / Bandırma
Tel: (266) 855 71 64
Yeşilim Camping
Çuğra Mevki / Erdek
Tel: (266) 835 30 04
Ali Öztoprak Camping
Erdek / Bandırma
Tel: (266) 855 70 29
Abant Camping
Mangırcı Mevki / Erdek
Tel: (266) 855 70 88
Ünlü Camping
Çuğra Mevki / Erdek
Tel: (266) 835 17 49
Gökçe Turistik Tes.
Erdek / Bandırma
Tel: (266) 855 70 55
Yeşilçam Camping
Narlıaltı / Altınok
Tel: (266) 398 72 92
Mertol Camping
Küçüksu Mevkii / Altınoluk
Antandros Camping
Boğa Mevkii / Altınoluk
Tel: (266) 378 53 61
Çamlıbel Camping
Ilıca İsk. / Güre
Tel: (266) 384 12 47
Gine Camping
Turgut Reis Cad. / Akçay
Tel: (266) 384 11 34
Pat Camping
Güneş Cad. / Akçay
Tel: (266) 384 37 89
Saka Camping
Güneş Cad. / Akçay
Akçay Camping
Yeni mah. / Akçay
Tel: (266) 384 28 18
Provincial Cultural Directorate
Tel: (266) 245 31 52
Fax: (266) 245 31 52
State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate
Eski Kuyumcular Mah. Çavuş Sok. No:30 BALIKESİR
Tel: (0 266) 241 30 45
Fax: 245 31 52
Balıkesir Museum
Address: Anafartalar Cad. Balıkesir
Tel: (266) 243 31 81


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